Tertius Analytics uses Social Network Analysis to help clients understand their innovation ecosystem and develop evidence-based strategies for growth.



Tertius offers an evidence-based approach to understanding innovation connectivity using Innovation Network Analysis. Innovation Network Analysis invokes multiple theories of social interaction to help explain why and how network structures influence particular behaviors or why particular behaviors result in specific…

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Reports and Data Tools

Our products may be delivered to the client is one or more formats ranging from a simple one-time report, to a baseline report with regular periodic updates, to a fully interactive network model that the client may access over the…

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As a leading firm in the implementation of Innovation Network Analysis, we believe in empowering the end user to understand, implement, and constantly reevaluate what the information is telling them. We offer ongoing support to our customers to this end.…

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Our team consists of practitioners in economic development with a wealth of experience in understanding the dynamics of innovation and regional technology-based trends. We have been involved in multiple levels of study, analysis, and implementation. We are committed to providing various evidence-based approaches that significantly advances our collective ability to understand the innovation ecosystems around us and direct these approaches to meaningful outcomes in economic and workforce development, industry cluster analysis, and corporate intelligence.

Illinois Science & Technology Coalition (ISTC)